Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Movie Review

Honestly I dont have anything negative to say about this movie. The acting was fantastic, the makeup was fantastic, the clothes were fantastic, just everything was fantastic. The movie did seem to go really fast but that was probably just because of the fact that anyone who has read the books knew what was going to happen. The pack was awesome. The Volturi was awesome. Eric (justin chon) cracked me up when he was crying when were watching Romeo&Juliet- and Mike just looked bored lol. I thought that Billy Burke rocked Charlie once again. Ashely did a fantastic job. Poor Nikki didnt have any lined much at all but I thought that the 1 she did have was an important one. Kellan cracked me up as did Jackson. The dialoge of the movie Bella,Jake, and Mike watched just cracked me up. Oh God I l LOVED this movie. Chris Weitz is a GENEOUS!

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