Friday, November 20, 2009

Meeeeeppp! I cant wait until tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow I shall sit in a theater and I shall watch the awesomess that Chris Weitz calls New Moon.. well Stephenie actually wrote the book first but oh well! I have yet to personally see a negative review. I've tried to steer away from as many spoilers as possible but thats kind of impossible isnt it? I'm so excited right now. The excitement can barely stay contained in me- I'm having an out-of-body expierence here. You all have no hacking clue how painful last night was because EVERYONE I follow on twitter was sending their little "MEEEP! getting ready to head to the theater" tweets... everyone but me......
I was seriously having myself a pity party lol but I dont have to wait much longer. I'm going to see new moon for the the 1st time tomorrow at 12 o'clock noon------ and I cant wait!

Until Next Time,

PS: Expect a Review blopost here tomorrow and a vlog (review.. again) on here AND on youtube!

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