Monday, July 27, 2009

Video Update

I would really appreciate it if you all would help me. I have never asked for anything before. I am counting on you all- and I need you more than ever.


P.S. I'm not gonna give you all examples of what you all could suggest. I want you all to be creative and in the words of the amazing new WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, Jeffery Nero Hardy, "Xpand your imag-i-nation." :)

1 comment:

  1. uhh...this probably wouldn't be helpful much and would be time consuming so feel free to veto this but the recommendation idea is pretty cool and also you could try finding those updates they put on Entertainment Tonight and stuff...because I know in the next few months it will start putting random clips and pictures form New Moon. I think the recommendation thing would be cool because it could bring people in for a different reason other than twilight. They could find you in other ways. In other words...don't be afraid to show your other intrests.Even if they still are twilight related. Thats my opinion. Feel free to veto if you want...your not hurting my feelings. I know that may not have been the most helpful.