Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting a response from your favorite fanfic author

I have been in love with this girl ever sience I read "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All". Even though my favorite fanfic may be "Wide Awake" by AngstGoddess003 that doesn't change the fact that my favorite author is ashel-13. The other day I was looking for something in MLOONAA and I couldnt find it so I decided to PM (private message) her. As I was typing the message I had to go back and reread and reread it to make sure what I wanted was clear and easily understandable and of course to check for typos and spelling/grammar mistakes. I knew she would reply I just didnt know when- or how I would react. This was in my inbox about 10-14 hours after I sent the message:

ashel-13 sent you a message.

My Response:

Even though that might be my response to the email when I read her reply I felt like I had been talking to her all of my life. So the moral of this blogpost: don't be afraid to talk to someone in the Twilight Nation- even if they are "famous". They are just like us. Remember they were once not famous. I had a problem with this for a while. I had love ashel-13 for about a year but I had never sent her a message.

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  1. Hey! So, i was just messing around on the computer and came across this! I almost crapped myself, for realz (yes, with a Z!!!!) and my heart melted into butter...haha. I just wanted to say how amazing you are and how sweet it is that you react to positively to writing! I'm not even sure if you'll get this "Comment" but i just felt the need to leave you a message that said that i read this and that i am touched and thrilled by your reaction (i literally laughed out loud at the

    Much love and luck,
    ashel-13 ;)