Friday, August 21, 2009

The Used "Artwork" Ablum Review

I am a major fan of The Used so I honestly cannot say how excited I was about this ablum. The first 2 singles were so amazing so I was ready for one E.P.I.C ablum and then I see the ablum trailer on their myspace and that doubles my excitement 10x.It was all about what big magazines had said about it. (EX. "The must have ablum of 2008") Well I have listened to the "must have ablum" of the year. Not At All what I had expected now don't get me wrong I LOVE IT. It is AMAZING. Very catchy lyrics and amazing guitar and drums. Classic The Used. But did it really deserve such a hype? I really tried to go into it without any expectations and I though I did.... at first. That was until I got the actual ablum and listend to it and I decided that maybe after all I did expect something. Like I said Blood On My Hands and Born To Quit are absolutely aammaaazzziinngg. So over all a very ablum just not what I expected. A Very Pleasant Suprise is what I've decided. So go buy it and listen to it and just talk about how awesome Bert McCracken sounds on it.... actually the whole band sounds quite awesome.

GRADE: B+ thru A-

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