Friday, August 28, 2009

An Ode to Jeffery Nero Hardy

So as you all should know I am like IN LOVE with Jeff Hardy... seriously I even used to have a "Jeff won" dance for when he won a match lol. Yes my obsession/addiction is just that bad. Tonight on Smackdown there was a cage match that was Jeff Hardy VS. CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship. They added on that the loser would have his WWE career ended. Jeff ,being the risk taker** smile** that he is ,accepted. Why am I not suprised. It came down to the match and Jeff was coming to the ring only to be ASSALTED by CM Punk (like he is every week! THE ASSHOLE!). So CM PUNK GOT AN EFFIN HEADSTART! Jeff was doing awesome but at the final moments of the match CM Punk was about to go over the steel cage but Jeff tried to stop him only to be pushed back onto the bottom of the ring therefore CM Punk landed with both.feet.on.the.ground. I started crying and I could'nt breathe. CM PUNK IS A SORE LOSER. You dont see Jeff attacking his opponets if he doest win match like some straight edge susperstar I'm not gonna name **coughcoughCMPunkcoughcouch**. I know it will not be the end of Jeff's career. He will only be gone for a few weeks (or atleast thats what I'm gonna tell myself). Jeff will deffinatly be missed by many. This is not the end of Jeff Hardy, its only a time where he will be gone. CM Punk might have won but Jeff Hardy WILL RISE AGAIN AS THE Charismatic Enigma /The Risk taker/ The Dare Devil.

I Love You Jeff Hardy.
Jeff's final words on Smackdown

Such a wonderful speaker isn't he ? :)
He completely owns my <3

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