Monday, October 19, 2009


Yeh cause awesometasticness is a word

But anyway I'm sorry about all of the "band blogs" but I just had to blog about these guys:

Sexy Sexy Hot Hot!

That's right people the GERMAN rock band, Tokio Hotel. Gosh! Where do I even BEGIN?! How about with Bill Kaulitz?! Umm Yeh:

What was I talking about? oh yeh, Tokio Hotel XD. Anyways so yeh they are pretty awesome but then again I am a sucker for a German accent....
I thought their "Scream" ablum was good ,boy that was just a taste of what kind of rocktastic music those 4 German boys can make. Their music is rock.. but it isnt "life sucks. i want to die. i want to kill you" kind of metal rock.It's the kind of rock music that kids my age should listen to (please dont take that the wrong way) yet full adults could jam to their music. "Humanoid" is so hacking amazing words can even beging to describe what an amazing ablum it is!

Seriously if you havent checked this band I recommend you do it... FAST.... like RIGHT NOW
**SHOO! GO!**