Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Awesomeness of Fanmade Videos and Fanmade Video MAKERS

So, today I was watching tiffanyd666's new video and I got the inspiration for this post. The whole time I was watching the video, I was automatically reminded of a time where I would spend all day doing nothing but watching fanmade trailers or fanmade twilight music videos. Then I was remembered that Twilight fansites had sent in their favorite fanmade videos to a site who's name absolutely escapes me right now. So I thought I would do a list of my favorite fanmade video makers :-)

* ThisForbiddenFruit AKA Stina Riz
*tiffanyd666- I know you've seen this girl's Elipse fanmade trailer.
*kelfheart Gosh She Is Waiting Bella New Moon and Come for a Walk with Me B & E New Moon are AMAZING
*xEclipticalDuskx- her new moon video, New Moon: All The Sanity In Me still haunts me

There are so many amazing fanmade videos out there. Seriously if you looked at my favorites on youtube, 8 out of 10 would be fanmade videos or trailers lyke no joke. So this post is dediacated to the amazing video makers out there who use their time and effort for our video enjoyment, not just the 4 people mentioned above, but all fanmande video makers. I salute you guys.


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