Monday, June 29, 2009

Twilight Twitters

So i have noticed that alot of FAKES are on twitter. (to learn how to seek out a fake click -> ) I have decided to make a list of all of the OFFICIAL twitters of twilight stars.

RACHELLE LEFECRE -> RachelleLefevre
PETER FACINELLI -> peterfacinelli
GIL BIRMINGHAM -> gilbirmingham
100 MONKEYS -> 100MonkeysMusic
BILLY BURKE -> billy_burke
JUSTIN CHON -> justinchon
JAMIE BOWER -> Jamiebower
MICHAEL SHEEN -> michaelsheen
edit 7/6/09: CHRISTIAN SERRATOS: cserratos
edit 7/20/09: DAVID SLADE -> DAVID_A_SLADE
edit 7/29/09- EDI GATHEGI-> iamedigathegi
edit: 8/8/09- ANNA KENDRICK -> AnnaKendrick47
*BOBBY LONG -> BobbyLongNews
*MARCUS FOSTER -> marcusfoster1
*SAM BRADLEY -> samueltwitt1

So I hope this helped clear the twitters up.

* These 3 men are apart of the "BritPack". They either wrote OR co-wrote a song Rob sang on the Twilight Soundtrack. They are awesome and halarious as hell so follow them :)

until next time,
- Arikka

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